École Polytechnique shows off its prize winning solar car

WATCH ABOVE: Polytechnique students show innovation and team work at the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

MONTREAL – Students from École Polytechnique are pushing the boundaries of solar powered transportation as part of an engineering project that explores everything from the design to the production.

The Esteban Project, Polytechnique’s solar car, encourages students to apply the knowledge they acquire in their courses to a real work experience.

Students are responsible for every phase of the project, from the preliminary design to road tests, research for funding and suppliers, and the production of the vehicle.

Project Director Vincent Gariépy and Mechanical Director Felipe Guevara stopped by the Global Montreal Morning News to tell anchor Camille Ross all about their prized car.

The group finished second place in the Formula Sun Grand Prix as part of the American Solar Challenge, a cross-country competition and time/distance rally comprised of teams from across the globe.

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The Formula Sun Grand Prix is the Solar Challenges’ track event that is held on grand prix or road style closed courses.

This unique style of racing truly tests the limits of solar cars in handling curves, braking and acceleration.

“Top speed is 105km/h while conforming under the circuit rules, however the Esteban is able to reach a top speed of 115km/h,” Guevara told Global News.

On a sunny day, Gariépy explained the Estaban’s battery is able to fully recharge in about two hours.

If the car solely relies on battery power, it can drive 60km/h for about four hours.

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