WATCH: Dealership employee takes customer’s car for joyride

When Veronica Pief noticed that her Kia Soul’s speed-dependent volume control was broken, she brought her car to her dealership in Windsor, Colorado to get it repaired.

“I expected them to treat it better than anybody else in the world would treat my car,” Pief told NBC affiliate 9 News.

When her vehicle was returned to her four days later and she checked her dashcam footage, the only word Pief could use to describe her feelings was “furious.”

The dashcam captured a dealership employee using her car over the four days to run personal errands, amassing around 320 km on her car.

The footage shows the employee driving her Kia Soul to Sam’s Club, to his bank, his home and even on a 27 km trip to a nearby town.

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“I was very angry to even think that my property was treated this way,” said Pief.

The video even shows the employee blowing through a red light at a busy intersection.

To make matters worse, the volume control on her car was never repaired, but she doesn’t trust the dealership to fix it after how she was treated when she raised the issue with them.

“They just blew us off. They didn’t care. They didn’t show any concern,” said Pief.

The dealership’s sales manager Chelsea Clarke says that was not the case.

“That employee has since been terminated. So, we have handled the employee on it and we’re working on the customer to get everything else resolved,” said Clarke.

But Pief said she is not satisfied and wants the dealership to take the car back and pay off her loan.

This is not the first time a case like this has made headlines.

Earlier this year, a Chicago couple had a similar experience with their dealership’s mechanic, who was recorded taking their car for a high-speed joyride.

And in England, a Ford owner discovered that an employee at his dealership’s service centre took his Focus out for a drive that reached up to nearly 200 km/h and even captured the driver rifling through the owner’s bags.