Storm in North Battleford, Sask. knocks down trees, floods streets

Watch above: North Battleford, Sask. was hit by a thunderstorm Saturday night, making a big mess for residents to clean up. Amber Rockliffe reports.

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sask. – A powerful storm hit North Battleford, Sask. Saturday night, knocking over trees and flooding streets. Jesse Ricardo-Navarro watched the storm unfold from his third storey balcony at his apartment on 107th Street.

He said it started with lightning around 10 p.m., which then wreaked havoc on his building’s front yard.

“A huge cloud came from the southwest, and it started rotating back towards us,” he explained.

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He watched a tree crush a truck in front of his building and another smash the windshield of a car behind it.

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“All these car alarms started going off, and then the hail started to come down,” Ricardo-Navarro said.

“The whole street was just like a white ice road. It looked like glaciers were coming down the street.”

During the storm, which lasted less than 10 minutes, some residents said their homes started to shake.

“I hope my windows aren’t going to go, and my house isn’t going to go, that went through my head right away,” said Colleen Felton, who lives on the same block as Ricardo-Navarro.

On Sunday, many homeowners were left cleaning up the mess, sawing up fallen trees in their yards and hauling them away.

“You see here there’s debris all over, and branches of course,” Felton explained.

The storm also caused flooding in North Battleford due to blocked catch basins. Some residents took to the streets last night to clear them of leaves and other debris.

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