5 Montreal restaurants to try this summer

Montrealers enjoying the oudoor weather in the summer. Joanne Levesque/Getty Images

MONTREAL – The city is a great place to be a foodie – from smokehouse barbecues to Italian pizzerias and even Asian-European fusions, there’s no shortage of culinary cuisine to tickle your taste buds.

Check out these five must-try restaurants in Montreal:


288 Sainte-Catherine street Ouest

Inside the Sesame restaurant. Sesame/Facebook

For tourists and locals alike, Sesame boasts an interesting fusion of Asian food with a slight Québécois twist.

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Sesame first opened in 2011 and it’s right in the heart of downtown Montreal’s Place des Arts so it’s easy to find.

There’s even a small outdoor terrace, so you won’t miss any of the magic as the festivals get under way.

There are also locations at Atwater St., the Old Port, Boucherville, Que. and Quebec City.

Chez Sophie

1974 Notre-Dame street Ouest

Inside Chez Sophie. Chez Sophie

Chez Sophie is a restaurant inspired by chef Sophie Tabet and her husband Marco Marangi, an expert sommelier.

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With a mélange of French and Italian dishes, the whole experience is a home away from home for the Lebanese chef who studied culinary arts at the Institut Paul Bocuse in France before travelling Europe for work.

Tucked away in the heart of Griffintown, Chez Sophie combines fine cuisine with beautiful, modern chic décor.


2004 de l’Hôtel de Ville avenue

The outside of Grenadine. Grenadine/Facebook

If there ever was a restaurant that’s truly a hidden gem, it’s Grenadine.

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The intimate restaurant mixes French traditions with Asian flavours in an array of colourful and savoury dishes.

Grenadine uses mostly local ingredients, and is bring your own wine.

It’s also a hop and a skip away from the Quartier des Spectacles, offering a perfect location before a night out in the summer.

Le Boucan

1886 Notre-Dame street Ouest

Outside Le Boucan. Le Boucan/Facebook

Having first opened five years ago, Le Boucan offers a unique Southern-style culinary experience in a rustic setting.

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The smokehouse uses a special wood chip smoking technique said to intensify the flavours of meats.

The small restaurant hold it’s own against some stiff competition – Joe Beef and Burgundy Lion are just down the street, and right around the corner are Grinder and Le Richmond.

There’s a bar, a backyard terrace and several TVs so it’s a great place to watch soccer, football, hockey … you get the idea.


438 McGill street

A glimpse inside Helena. Helena/Facebook

For a special night out, Helena is a slightly pricier choice found right in the heart of Montreal’s Old Port.

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The restaurant was founded by chef Helena Loureiro, a Portuguese native who made her way to Montreal to study at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec.

Helena boasts a warm, colourful yet modern atmosphere that dives into the finest Portuguese cuisine and wine.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Montreal?

Let us know in the comments below!

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