Political tensions heat up between Longueuil and Greenfield Park

WATCH: Greenfield Park officials are crying foul after a flower box that spells out the name of the borough was completely destroyed. Global’s Tim Sargeant reports.

LONGUEUIL –  It appears a political battle is brewing between the city of Longueuil and the borough of Greenfield Park.

A beautiful flower bed that spelled out the name ‘Greenfield Park’ on Bellevue street has been destroyed.

A broken metal fence with a mound of dirt and trash litters where the floral arrangement once appeared.

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Borough officials have been asking the city why nothing has been done, but they say no answer has been provided.

“It’s been totally neglected and we’ve got no response from the city whatsoever,” Greenfield Park borough councillor Wade Wilson told Global News.

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Some argue the tensions between the borough and the city are being fuelled by a recent language dispute.

WATCH: The Unity Group is holding a plant-in in Greenfield Park to fix a bed of flowers that was destroyed in what they believe is the latest in a political battle between the borough and the City of Longueuil.

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Longueuil mayor Caroline St-Hilaire denounced the use of English during council meetings.

Robert Myles, the city councillor representing Greenfield Park, retorted he will continue to do so.

“It looks one hundred per cent like that’s the only reason it’s being done because I cannot see a benefit to the way they’re handling it,” said Greenfield Park resident Eric Prince.

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A spokesperson for the city emailed Global News stating the fence will be removed and the city is considering different options for the site, but did not provide any details.

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Wilson isn’t waiting around – he’s inviting residents to come out on Sunday to plant flowers as a form of protest.

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“Our fields, roads, playgrounds, everything has deteriorated and the people of Greenfield Park are very upset about it,” Wilson said.