Sex toys in the sky: a Portland whodunit

It's raining rubber penises in Portland. @Rabble, Twitter

TORONTO — Hundreds of sex toys are dangling from power lines in Portland, Oregon and no one knows why. The phalluses have set the Internet abuzz.

Judging by social media posts, the sex toys have been there for a couple weeks. On the Reddit page r/Portland, people have posted theories over where the rubber penises came from. But so far, the identity of the “dildo dangler” is still a mystery.

Spokesman for public utility Portland General Electric reportedly said he did not believe the rubber products posed a fire risk. Pacific Power spokesman Tom Gauntt told The Oregonian, though, that the sex toys can be a hazard.

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“Dildos are as much a safety hazard as shoes, kites, balloons and other items routinely found tangled in lines.”

“The temptation may be there for tittering, but we want to keep the lines as safe as possible,” he added.

Another potential hazard? Having to explain the swaying sex toys to your kid.

“It’s all fun and games,” wrote Paul Ogg on Twitter, “until your six-year-old child asks, ‘What are those?’ as they point to the dildos in the sky.”

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