Israeli rabbi markets line of ‘kosher’ sex toys for orthodox Jews

An Israeli rabbi is helping the devout in the bedroom while keeping it “kosher” with a website that markets sex toys to religious Jews.

Religious Jews live according to strict rules of behaviour that affect all aspects of life, but Rabbi Natan Alexander said his better2gether site presents sex toys and sexuality in a manner which does not contradict the values of the community.

“I think that products like these were given a mindset that they were dirty, that they were wrong, and the reason was because of the marketing that they were given,” said rabbi Natan Alexander, CEO of better2gether

“As we said in one of the articles, this world was run by men for men. It’s now time to change that mindset and say this is a world for couples, this is a world for marriage, this a world for love.”

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Dr David Ribner, a sex therapist working at the Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, said Judaism had a positive perception of sexuality and even the most conservative sects were quite interested in making sure the physical aspect of a couple’s marriage works for them.

“Judaism perception about sexuality is essential a positive one, and that even the very conservative rabbinical organisations and personalities are quite interested in making sure that this aspect of couple’s marriage in fact works for them,” Dr. Ribner said. “What makes the site kosher is that this information, this material, these options are presented in a manner which is consistent with the values of this particular community.”

The website also offers help from sex therapists, gynecologists and other professionals to religious people, who, due to living sheltered lives, can be shy or uninformed about sex.

Having started the business nine months ago, Alexander said he only sold one or two items per week at the beginning, but in the last couple of months sales have increased significantly with three to four products being sold daily.

“Most of the Haredi world is very worried what the halakhah, what the Jewish law says about certain thing,” Alexander said. “Here we are, we are ready to answer those questions, we are ready to become the place for true discussion in a modest way.”

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