Lost? Google adds Pan Am venue names to Maps

People walk outside of the women's water polo venue during the tip off of competition for the Pan Am Toronto 2015 at the Atos Markham Centre in Markham, Ont. on Tuesday, July 7, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese

Trying to get to MIV? Can’t figure out where the CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium is? Google is trying to make navigating the 2015 Pan Am Games venues a little easier.

For some reason, Pan Am organizers went ahead and renamed venues across the Toronto and the GTA. Think it’s confusing as a local to decipher where the “Pan Am Fields” are? Try being a tourist.

So, to help with the confusion, Google has temporarily updated Maps to help residents and out-of-towners alike navigate during the Games.

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When looking for a location on Google Maps, search results will show both the actual name of the venue and the Pan Am Games name. So 1 Blue Jays Way in Toronto now shows both “Rogers Centre” and “Pan Am Ceremonies Venue” in Google Maps search results. Hamilton’s Pan Am Soccer Stadium? It’s actually called Tim Hortons Field, and now the Google Maps search result will show you both names.

You are also able to search in Maps using both versions of the venue names.

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Some other Pan Am Games updates from Google include:

  • Updated satellite imagery of Games venues and locations
  • 3D models on Maps for 12 venues, including the Pan Am bowling centre and Angus Glen Golf Club
  • Updated listings and locations for thousands of locations surrounding Pan Am venues

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