‘Who Deleted Me’ app removed from app stores following Facebook take down request

Could the dislike button finally be real?.
Could the dislike button finally be real?. File/Global News

TORONTO – “Who Deleted Me,” the app that allowed Facebook users to see who had removed them from their friends list, has ironically been deleted itself.

The app has been removed from both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store after Facebook asked the developer to remove the app for violating its platform policies. The “Who Deleted Me” browser extension for Google Chrome has also been disabled.

“We take action against any app that violates our terms and policies,”  a Facebook spokesperson told Global News last week. 

Facebook’s policy states that developers must “respect the limits placed on Facebook functionality,” which includes not notifying users when someone unfriends them.

“Who Deleted Me was intended to be a useful tool to enhance users’ Facebook experience, but Facebook did not see it the same way,” read a statement posted to the app’s website.

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The app garnered a lot of attention from Facebook users eager to see what friends had deleted them. The app became the number one free downloaded app in the App Store and garnered enough traffic that the service was forced offline as developers tried to cope with the level of traffic.

According to the company’s statement, all personal information stored on the app – which downloaded your entire contact list from Facebook in order to work – has been deleted.