Vancouver Police could issue $109 ticket for loud vehicles

File photo.
File photo. Getty Images

Vancouver Police are cracking down on loud vehicles in the city.

Police say the summer in Vancouver brings nice weather, but also loud vehicles. “There is no question that the debilitating sounds from these vehicles disturb the peace and enjoyment of those who live, work, and play in Vancouver,” police state in a release.

The increase in noisy vehicles has resulted in an increase in complaints and concerns, so police are going to be cracking down on drivers with noisy vehicles. They say there is no evidence that the loud mufflers assist in terms of safety for motorcycles.

“The focus is not about targeting motorcycles, but rather making sure people who live downtown or use the city’s public spaces are able to enjoy themselves,” says Acting Inspector Ken Eng of the VPD’s Traffic Section.

In B.C., motorcycle mufflers are restricted to exhaust sounds of a maximum 91 decibels. Police say many aftermarket motorcycle mufflers are tested at 112 decibels. Unnecessary noise from a vehicle’s engine, tires, brakes, or exhaust may result in a violation ticket for $109 plus three points.


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