Expert says low water level could impact fishing in Saskatchewan

Watch above: While there is no immediate threat, experts say fishing in Saskatchewan could be impacted if low water levels continue. Katlynn Millions reports.

SASKATOON – Beaver Creek conservation’s Kenton Lysak has seen the decrease of the water level at the creek. Water levels are a fraction lower than they should be and the sight of this could worry fishermen.

“If water flow continuously decreases, it might affect the insect population which is really important for fish, for food, also affecting the freshness of the water,” said Lysak, senior interpreter of Beaver Creek for Meewasin Valley Authority.

Recreational fishing is a popular pastime in Saskatchewan, but even with a drought-like conditions it’s currently experiencing, fish will still be able to be caught in shallow streams.

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“If you have reduced flow, what scientists have found is that there is less dissolved oxygen in the water. Is that going to cause all the fish to die? Absolutely not.”

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Although low river levels may not be affecting fish populations right now, if you do go fishing this summer, you could see a difference in what you catch. While you may not see a change with fish that rely on detecting water pressure to bite, fish like trout and pickerel might be your most frequent catch of the day.

“There’s some fish that depend on vision. Things like trout are using their eyes to view something in the water and figure out, is it something I can eat? Right now, when the water is really low or really murky or what we call turbid, it makes it so these fish will probably bite anything,” said Lysak.

Residents can try out and enjoy all the fishing the province has to offer, licence free, on July 11 and 12 to celebrate national fishing week.

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