Fire’s furriest victims need help too

REGINA – The northern fires aren’t just affecting the human residents, but the animal ones as well.

Animal outreach group, the Pack Project, is hoping to provide help to the approximately 250 dogs and 50 cats who are still in the La Loche area that’s being threatened by fire.

The Pack Project will be delivering around 3000 pounds of pet food up to La Loche.

“If I had to leave a community and my pet was back there, I sure hope there’d be a group like this who would be able to go up and try their best to help,” said Amy Vitkay, the Pack Project Director.

Volunteers will also be bringing back between eight-to-12 puppies and five adult dogs from the northern communities.

The canines will be dropped off at animal shelters in Battleford, Meadow Lake, Saskatoon and Regina.

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The rescue group will also be looking at trying to reconnect some of these animals with their owners.

“People we’re working with on the ground in the communities tend to know if these are strays or if these are owned animals and will be able to indicate that to us,” said Amy Vitkay, the Pack Project Director. “Those that are owned and we’re told so we will absolutely make sure that we make every effort for them to get to their families.”

You can donate to the project, or sign up to be an animal’s foster family through their website.