Celebrating or moving? It’s a busy day for Montrealers

WATCH: Quebecers all over the province are taking the Canada Day holiday to celebrate and move to their new homes. As Global’s Billy Shields reports, it’s not always smooth sailing.

MONTREAL – Every year, the same thing happens: Quebecers all over the province take the Canada Day holiday to pull up stakes.

With many people’s leases expiring and beginning on the same day of the year, the stage is set for close calls and stressful situations.

The SPCA issues an annual calls around this time of year for residents to consider the well-being of their pets in the midst of the move, as the number of animals abandoned around this time triples.

There’s also the problem of two households occupying the same space at the same time because there’s no grace period built into the law.

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Contrary to popular belief, a tenant moving out of a home does not get a day’s grace period to do so before the new tenants move in.

While the Régie du Logement asks residents to exercise their rights in a reasonable manner, there is always the potential for misunderstandings.