Calgary thief returns dead son’s bike, apologizes to family

WATCH ABOVE: Jill Croteau has the story of how her deceased son’s bike was returned exactly one year after he first brought it home.

CALGARY – Grieving parents of an 11-year-old Calgary boy who died eight months ago, are grateful his stolen bike has finally been recovered, and shocked that they also received a heartfelt apology from the thief.

The cherished BMX bike, which Bryce Eyjolfson built himself, meant everything to him—and it was something his parents clung to after his accidental death. When it was stolen, they were heartbroken.

“Three quarters of police that dealt with Bryce were dealing with this stolen bike, so it touched them as well,” said Bryce’s father, Malcolm Eyjolfson.

Calgary’s Bryce Eyjolfson died eight months ago at age 11. Handout photo

A month after it disappeared, police discovered a pile of the abandoned parts in a local park, and returned them to the family. But a knock at the door in the days that followed brought even more of a surprise.

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“We opened up the door and there’s this gentleman outside and he had Bryce’s bike,” said Eyjolfson.

The family said the young man introduced himself as Shane and admitted that he stole the bike. He stripped it for parts and built a new bike, and was bringing it back to its rightful owners.

“He’s not always had the easiest of life, he suffers as an addict,” said Bryce’s mom, Kerri Workman.

“He’s had to be a thief for most of his life,” said Eyjolfson. “He was so guilty inside and he did the right thing.”

The family said Shane then visited Bryce’s memorial, knelt down and apologized to the young boy.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry little man, I will learn from this.’ And it really moved me,” said Workman. “And he’s going to try his best to turn his life around.”

Shane isn’t facing any charges, and the family offered him help, inviting him to return if he needs anything.

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The stolen bike was returned exactly one year to the date that Bryce first brought it home.

“It’s Bryce working,” said Eyjolfson. “He’s working his magic up there.”

With files from Erika Tucker

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