Car carrying Courtney Love attacked in Paris

Courtney Love, pictured on June 18, 2015. Kevin Winter / Getty Images

TORONTO — A car carrying rocker Courtney Love was attacked by anti-Uber protesters Thursday in Paris.

“Scariest day of my life,” Love wrote on Facebook. “Ambushed at the airport in Paris by taxi drivers on strike against @uber got taken hostage and our car was destroyed.”

The former Hole singer chronicled the terrifying experience on Twitter, telling her nearly 2 million followers that her chauffered car was ambushed and the driver was being held hostage.

“I’m scared out of my wits,” Love tweeted.

Love, 50, was on her way into the city from Charles de Gaulle airport when the car was surrounded by angry taxi drivers protesting Uber.

“The first car was destroyed, all tires slashed and beat with bats,” she reported on Instagram. “These guys trying to open the doors and the cops are doing nothing?? French Taliban? civil reform needed in France?? I want to go home.”

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Thousands of taxi drivers in major cities across France burned tires, blocked streets and overturned cars during the demonstrations. They complain business is down up to 40 per cent due to increased competition from Uber, whose drivers do not have to pay the same licensing fees.

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Love said she was rescued after about an hour by two men on motorcycles.

“I can’t believe this really just happened,” she wrote on Instagram.