Hundreds show support at Saskatoon pride parade

Watch above: Hundreds of people took part in the pride parade Saturday, showing their support for Saskatoon’s LGBTQ community. Global’s Calvin To reports.

SASKATOON – Hundreds took to the streets on Saturday for Saskatoon’s biggest pride parade yet.

People young and old, from all walks of life took part, showing their support for the city’s LGBTQ community.

Civic leaders were present, including Saskatchewan NDP Leader Cam Broten and several city councillors.

“Pride is a time to celebrate our differences,” Broten said.

“And to remember that we share a lot more than things that divide us.”

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Mayor Don Atchison was not in attendance.

Global News caught up with the mayor at a function put on by the Filipino-Canadian Association of Saskatoon earlier on the day and asked if he would be interested in coming to the parade.

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“I’m interested in being with everyone and the Filipinos are a really important group in this city,” Atchison said.

“I don’t understand what the big, what the concern is over all of this because we belong to one race and that’s the human race.”

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When asked if he would attend next year’s pride parade, the mayor said he would not make a commitment.

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Still, for many who have struggled to gain acceptance in the community at large, this parade was an affirmation of their rights as equals.

And while the parade is a hallmark of the progress that has been made, many in attendance said there is still more work to be done.

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