FIFA Women’s World Cup fans explore Winnipeg’s tourist attractions

WINNIPEG — Families from across the border are packing Winnipeg parks and museums during the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

License plates from all over the United States filled Assiniboine Park’s lot as football fans were busy exploring more than just the stadium on a tournament off day.

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“We have definitely seen an increase in numbers with all the American fans,” Laura Curtis from Assiniboine Park Zoo said. “It’s a great opportunity for them to spread the word and hopefully bring in other tourists in the future.”

Curtis said there was a long lineup first thing in the morning for the zoo, with many fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the polar bears.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a polar bear out sunbathing before,” said Hilary Pick who is visiting Canada for the first time from Minnesota.

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Other tourists spent the afternoon experimenting with downtown food trucks and checking out shops inside The Forks.

The river boat rides were particularly popular with groups of Americans signing up for the tours all day.

“The fact that Winnipeg was at one point was considered to be the capital of the west… I had no idea,” said Mike Pick from Minnestoa who spent the day exploring historic sites around the host city.

Team USA won their first game against Australia Monday and play Sweden on Friday when thousands of American fans will once again don the red ,white and blue to cheer on their team.



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