Controversy over Montreal police camo pants protest

WATCH: Montreal police officers have come under fire for wearing colourful camo pants while on duty at the state funeral for former Quebec premier, Jacques Parizeau. Anne Leclair has more.

MONTREAL — Police in Montreal have come under fire by none other than the city’s mayor.

Denis Coderre was furious that police officers allegedly wore colourful camouflage protest pants while on duty during the state funeral for former Quebec premier, Jacques Parizeau.

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What a contrast: A Quebec provincial police officer in full uniform and a Montreal police officer in colourful camouflage protest pants outside the church at at Jacques Parizeau’s state funeral on June 10, 2015. The Canadian Press
He tweeted after Tuesday’s funeral: “Time to have a law that regulates once and for all respect for the Montreal police uniform. The [Police] Brotherhood lacked class at the funeral.”

The photo being shared on social media of police officers in colourful camouflage pants was shared at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, during preparations for the funeral.

While many police officers on duty during the funeral were dressed in regulation black and navy blue, with matching red caps.

The Canadian Press

Why the colourful pants?

Municipal police officers across the province of Quebec started wearing colourful camouflage protest pants last summer to demonstrate against provincial pension reforms that affect over 65,000 firefighters, police officers and municipal white-collar and blue-collar workers.

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IN PHOTOS: Quebec pension protests get creative

Despite the protests, the Quebec government passed the controversial pension plan bill on Dec. 4, 2014.

Montreal police officers chose not to wear protest pants for the funeral of Montreal Canadiens’ hockey legend Jean Béliveau.

“This decision is based on the tribute we owe to this man, his family and his fans in the context of a national funeral,” a statement from the Montreal Police Brotherhood confirmed noted at the time.

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