Investigation leads to $1 million drug bust in Fort McMurray

Jason Mulley and Patrick Fellix. Credit: Facebook

EDMONTON — Two men wanted in connection with a massive Fort McMurray drug bust turned themselves in, ALERT said Thursday.

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams says over $1 million in drugs was seized during multiple search warrants last week in the northern Alberta city.

Five homes, along with a hotel room and a business were searched in the northern Alberta city Wednesday. It resulted in not only the seizure of the large amount of drugs but the seizure of two firearms, cash, and numerous vehicles.

Patrick Felix, 34, and Jason Mulley, 31, are among seven people who have been arrested as part of the investigation.

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ALERT said the investigation targeted the alleged drug trafficking networks of Felix and Mulley, who are accused of being the “head of a complex cocaine and fentanyl trafficking operation that spanned Northern Alberta and included Fort McMurray and Edmonton.”

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Felix and Mulley have been charged with several offences, including drug trafficking, conspiracy to traffic and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

In a news release Tuesday, ALERT said “Felix and Mulley are accused of being the central figures in cocaine and fentanyl distribution networks that was based in Fort McMurray, but also had connections to Edmonton, Calgary, and British Columbia.”

Mandy Gauvreau, 28, Alexander Jurich, 48, Rachel Jurich, 47, Spencer Brown, 22 – all from Fort McMurray – and Levi Lund, 26 – from Edmonton – were the other people arrested.

Warrants were issued for 66-year-old Gary Partridge of Fairview and 22-year-old Paul Ohelo of Fort McMurray.

On June 11, Ohello and Partridge turned themselves in to police.

As result of the investigation, ALERT has taken more than $1 million worth of drugs and two firearms off the street, including:
· 7.2 kilograms of cocaine;
· 2,908 fentanyl pills;
· 26.3 kilograms of marihuana;
· 198 grams of psilocybin;
· Loaded rifle with prohibited magazine;
· Shotgun

ALERT seized cash and property suspected of proceeds of crime. Investigators will be working with the province’s Civil Forfeiture Office to review the items seized, including:
· $23,150 in cash proceeds of crime;
· 6 high-end vehicles;
· 6 recreational vehicles and a trailer;
· Speedboat.

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*NOTE: This article was originally published on June 8 and was updated June 11 with information the two other men wanted had turned themselves in.


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