June 5, 2015 10:45 am

Man calls 911 after 4-hour standoff with cat


WATCH ABOVE: Man calls 911 asking for help with violent house cat

TORONTO – A Connecticut man was forced to call 911 Thursday morning after his cat repeatedly attacked him and prevented him from entering his home.

The man called around 1:30 a.m. after spending nearly four hours outside.

“I have a problem in my home,” he told the 911 operator. “I cannot go inside my home.”

“What’s the problem?” the dispatcher asked.

“The problem is that my cat was getting too aggressive and I was inside and she attacked me and she scratched me in my leg and bit me,” the man explained. “Me and my wife, we come outside, and now we cannot go in the home for like for three, four hours.”

“You said a cat?” the bemused operator asked.

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“Yeah,” the caller said.

The confused dispatcher asked again where the cat was and what the man wanted police to do exactly.

“They will have to go inside the home and remove the cat,” he said.

The man explained his cat gave birth the night before and became aggressive in the morning. The pet owner locked the cat in a room but it was still being aggressive and attacked him and his wife several times.

“It’s so aggressive and so mad,” the caller said. “Five minutes ago, I tried to open the door again, and she is waiting in the door. She’s in attacking mode.”

Police were eventually dispatched to the home.

According to CBS News, the couple eventually got back into their home and police told the man to stay away from the cat the rest of the night.

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