Skateboarders now allowed to roll on bike paths

WATCH: A motion passed this Monday in Montreal now considers skateboarding an active mode of transportation making it legal to skateboard on bike paths. As Gloria Henriquez reports, not everyone is happy about the decision.

MONTREAL — Montreal city councillors voted unanimously to legalize skateboards on Montreal bike paths.

The new resolution passed on Monday May 25, recognizes that skateboards are a form of active transportation like cycling and walking.

“It’s a very good day for us skateboarders” said Montreal skateboarder David Bouthillier.

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Bouthillier has what can be called a “collection” of skateboarding fines.

He’s been issued many tickets throughout the years for rolling on the streets.

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The motion, brought forward by Sterling Downey, Projet Montreal’s Verdun city councillor, might also allow boarders like Bouthillier to contest their previous tickets.

Downey is a skateboarding enthusiast himself.

“The fact that after 30 years, skateboarding is something that’s still seen as illegal, or as crossing certain bylaws and not respecting certain bylaws, I find it ridiculous,” Downey told Global News.

This is not the only effort that has been made to allow skateboarding on bike paths. Pierrefonds-Roxboro city councillor Justine McIntyre had already tabled two motions.

“The first one never got a response from the provincial government. The second one passed but was amended to be just a consultation on boarding,” said McIntyre.

The issue is especially important to McIntyre, her son has been stopped by police a couple of times for skateboarding in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

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The decision has some cyclists worried.

“I just think it’s complicated and confusing because everybody bikes at different speeds,” said a cyclist along the De Maisonneuve bike path.

Bouthillier knows skateboarders will now be under the microscope.

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But he thinks we can all share the road peacefully.

“People need to understand that they need to follow the city bylaws. So when you’re skateboarding on the paths, don’t be doing tricks. Use it for transportation,” he insisted.