Texas students shocked to find insulting remarks about them in yearbook

TORONTO – Officials at W.T. White High School in Dallas, Texas, are facing tough questions after students discovered insulting and degrading remarks about them had been published in the school yearbook.

At the centre of the controversy is Juanita Cedillo, a senior who suffers from cerebral palsy and whom had just been named Prom Queen by her fellow students.

“I went in there Monday, thinking, ‘Yay, [the yearbook is] here. The thing that I’ve been waiting for is here,’Cedillo told NBC-5 News in Dallas.
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Instead, she discovered the original quote she had chosen to caption her yearbook photo had been replaced with the phrase, “Want to hear the most annoying noise in the world?”

“I questioned myself,” Cedillo said. “I was like, ‘What could be that annoying noise? Was it my voice?'”

And hers wasn’t the only caption that had been replaced with an insulting remark. Other comments included, “Waiting for a call from Teen Mom” and below another girl’s picture, “This is nothing but a hive, and I’m the Queen Bee.”

An example of two of the offensive yearbook comments.

Another student’s caption read, “The only negativity around here should be a pregnancy test.”

Parents were left angry and wondering how the insulting remarks could have slipped past proofreaders.

“I’m a graduate of W.T. White, and it tarnished the reputation of my high school and alma mater,” said Monty Walker, whose child attends the school.

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In response, the Dallas Independent School District issued the following statement:

“The district is in the process of reviewing the complete contents of the yearbook, as well as determining the individuals responsible for the unfortunate quotations. Distribution of the yearbook has been ceased until corrections can be made and new yearbooks are printed. Individuals who were responsible will be held accountable. This will be an unfortunate but valuable lesson for all involved.”

For the record, the original quote Cedillo wanted under her picture?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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