38 new emoji are coming soon (and there might be bacon)

Tired of the same old emoji? Don't worry, new ones are coming soon. Screenshot/Apple

TORONTO – Emoji has become the unofficial language of the Internet – but, if you are an avid emoji user, you’ve probably longed for a few more options on your cartoon keyboard.

You’re in luck. The Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization in charge of setting the standards for the pictograms, has put forward a recommendation for 38 new emoji.

Among the proposals include a selfie emoji, a “call me” hand, an avocado and, yes, even a bacon emoji.

According to Unicode’s proposal, the new additions were chose to fill in the gaps in the existing set of emoji and from “popular requests from online communities” (that’s most likely where the idea for a bacon emoji came from).

Some of the proposed new emoji
Some of the proposed new emoji.


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Some of the top requests from users included face palm and shrugging emojis and other food items like croissants.

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It’s uncertain which – if any – of the 38 emoji will make the final cut. In fact, Unicode has made a case for each of its recommendations.

For example, for the proposed left and right face fists the organization suggested that users would want to use both to “suggest a fist bump.”

The new emoji will eventually make their way to the keyboards of iOS and Android users, as well as the other mail and messaging platforms that work with emoji. The consortium plans to release the approved list of emoji in June.

Fingers crossed – if it’s approved – the bacon emoji will eventually become Canada’s most used emoji.

After all, we don’t always want to be known as the country that uses the smiley poop emoji the most, do we?

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