Bride almost drowns during ‘trash the dress’ stunt

TORONTO – A young bride almost drowned after a “trash the dress” stunt went horribly wrong.

Video of the incident, which was posted to LiveLeak Thursday, shows the terrifying moment the bride jumped into the ocean and was pulled under by the weight of her wedding gown.

The footage shows the woman jumping off the side of a boat into the water where a man, presumably her husband, was waiting to catch her.

As soon as the bride hit the water, she almost immediately began to sink and the man struggled to bring her back up.

A group of people jumped into the water, frantically trying to bring the bride up for air.

“Find her,” someone is heard saying in the video.

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It took five people to save the woman from the near-drowning.

In 2012, a Quebec woman drowned during her “trash the dress” photo session near a river just north of Montreal.