Saskatchewan mom celebrates life after organ transplant

Watch above: After years of being sick and barely able to breathe, a Saskatchewan mother received a liver transplant and it changed her life dramatically. Amber Rockiffe reports.

SASKATOON – This Mother’s Day, a Saskatchewan mom is celebrating one of the greatest gifts of her life – more time with her family. After spending years sick and being barely able to breathe, Jo Anne Jones received a liver transplant.

She says it changed her life dramatically.

“I feel better than I have in over five years, I’m able to move and run. I could hardly walk, I couldn’t take more than two or three steps without having to stop and catch my breath,” she explained.

Jones found out her nephew was a perfect donor match, and he generously donated part of his liver. The operation took place last February.

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“He was left with 30 per cent of his liver. His 30 per cent has since grown, and he’s doing fabulously well,” Jones explained.

Jones’ daughter, Kim Matheson, is overjoyed her mom is healthy and happy now.

“It was really incredible, so we’re incredibly grateful for his generous gift and forever thankful,” said Matheson.

They both participated in Saskatoon’s annual Transplant Trot, along with more than 180 supporters.

The event’s organizers said it’s no coincidence the event is held on Mother’s Day.

“Transplantation and people being healthy is all about family, and what does a mother want more than to have a nice healthy family,” said event organizer Arnie Senger.

Senger said the run is an opportunity for the community to celebrate the lives of people who’ve had transplants, and give hope to those who are still on the waiting list.

“It’s also it’s to honour the families, the deceased donor families who are really the heroes of the day,” Senger said.