Victoria police seize Lamborghini for excessive speed

UPDATE: Randy Scott has been found guilty of speeding and handed a $196 fine.

VANCOUVER — Police in Victoria have seized a 2005 Lamborghini after reports it was speeding throughout greater Victoria Friday afternoon. It was estimated to be travelling between 150 and 160 kilometres in a 80-kilometre zone.

Though police won’t disclose the name of the driver, they say he’s a 28-year-old man known to them for speeding infractions. He was issued a $483 ticket for excessive speeding.

A Facebook user by the name of Randy Scott posted this photo with the caption, “Buh-bye Lambo…Lol.”


In 2013, a man named Randy Scott was acquitted of dangerous driving. The charges came after a YouTube video of a motorcycle rider wearing a helmet-mounted camera recorded video of a wild ride through highway traffic in Victoria, with the speedometer nudging 300 kilometres per hour.

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The video had more than 1.7 million hits. A provincial court judge in Victoria ruled the Crown could not identify the driver beyond a reasonable doubt and Scott was acquitted. His mother was the registered owner of the 2006 Yamaha R-1.

Global News reached out to the Randy Scott Facebook account. The Facebook user says his problems with the Lamborghini were caused by a video he posted showing the luxury car shooting flames. He claims the vehicle was first seized a month ago due to guns found inside, which he says were properly stored and legal. He said he just got the car back Friday morning, before it was seized hours later for seven days.

Police say the alleged Lamborghini speeder’s driving record is now under review by the province. Facebook user Randy Scott says, “I wasn’t driving when the cop saw the car. Wasn’t even my lambo.”

With files from Kristen Robinson and The Canadian Press