Alberta students elect NDP majority government in mock election

Nearly 800 schools participated in Student Vote 2015 and elected the NDP in a majority.
Nearly 800 schools participated in Student Vote 2015 and elected the NDP in a majority. Global News

CALGARY – Albertans who aren’t yet old enough to vote, still had their say in a parallel poll in schools across the province, electing an NDP government.

More than 85,000 students awarded 56 seats to the NDP, including all 19 in Edmonton, to give the party a majority government and 37.1 per cent of the popular vote.

Leader Rachel Notley easily won her riding of Edmonton-Strathcona, with 74 per cent of the vote.

The Wildrose Party ended up with 23 seats and 24.4 per cent of the popular vote. Wildrose leader Brian Jean was not one of them though, losing his riding of Fort McMurry-Conklin by just three votes.

PC leader Jim Prentice was also defeated in his riding of Calgary-Foothills, and his party won just six seats, while the Liberals and Alberta Party each picked up one.

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Student Vote coincides with the Alberta provincial election, giving kids under the age of 18 the chance to cast a ballot and take part in the democratic process.

After researching the party platforms and debating the future of Alberta, students cast their ballot, with each of the 87 constituencies being represented by at least one school.

WATCH: Alberta students vote in mock election

In years past, Alberta election outcomes were rarely in doubt, but a tight race in 2015 saw the largest Student Vote ever conducted in the province.

“I think there’s been more awareness raised for it, so I think kids actually feel like they have a voice and they can make a change,” said Alexa Potolicki, a student voter at Holy Trinity High School in Edmonton.

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By the end of the day Tuesday, 792 schools had reported their results, with many closes races and 16 divisions being decided by less than 25 votes.

Calgary-Elbow was another ‘riding to watch’ and students once again strayed from their PC incumbent, instead electing Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

Liberal leader David Swann won his Calgary-Mountain View riding, but he was the only member of his party to take a seat.

This was the third provincial-level Student Vote program conducted in Alberta. In 2012, more than 700 schools participated and predicted a PC majority, which is the same governing party adults chose that same year.

For full 2015 results, go to the Student Vote website.

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