Are Habs fans in Laval the craziest Canadiens fans?

WATCH: Take a look at how these Lavallois celebrate their favourite team 

LAVAL — On hockey night, one quiet street in Laval gets pretty rowdy.

Every series Ron Sweeney invites his friends and family over to watch the games, but this isn’t just another viewing party: Ron and his guests could possibly be the Habs’s number one fans.

“The rings, the tattoo, the dog tags, and everything you see here,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney has a whole room dedicated to the team, with all sorts of memorabilia lying around the apartment. Even the names of his two pugs reflect his love for the team.

One is “Le Gros Bill,” in honour of the late Jean Beliveau, while the other is called “Stanley,” a reference to the cup they’re hoping the Habs can bring home this year.

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Sweeney’s wife Edith Boissonneault is just as obsessed as her husband.

“I thought no woman would be crazy like that, but she’s as crazy as me,” said Sweeney.

When I was young,” said Boissonneault, “we were watching hockey and after the second period I had to go to bed because I was 3, 4, 5 years old, and I was crying because I wanted to watch the end of the game.”

“Shes insane, she is, completely,” said Sylvie Rock, one of Boissonneault’s childhood friends.

“She imposed it on me,” recalled Rock.

“Instead of going to discotheques to try on my new high heels, she made me watch the games,” recalled Rock.

A glimpse of a party celebrating the Montreal Canadiens held by a couple in Laval on May 4, 2015. The pair have been hosting crazy Habs viewing parties every series. nes de La Cuetara/Global News

The happiest day of Edith’s life?

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“I have to decide between the birth of my daughter and the day I met Guy Lafleur,” she said.

Ron and Edith have clearly met their match. Even the couple’s wedding invitations were Habs’ themed, and their cake? Bleu, blanc and rouge, of course!

So what is it about the game they love so much?

“I love it, it just takes me away from anything else from life,” said Sweeney.

He said it’s a fun time spent with friends and family — and to those who claim its just a game, he had this to say:

Sunday night’s game was tough to watch for this couple, with the Habs losing to Tampa 6-2.

Still, these fans said they’re confident their dear Canadiens will soon bounce right back.

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