Horse rescued in Abbotsford after sliding into ditch

VANCOUVER — It was a tense two hours for a mare out in Abbotsford.

The horse got spooked as she was being ridden along Lefeuvre and Marsh McCormick Roads and slid into a ditch, where she got stuck.

Her rider jumped off, but the mare couldn’t get out of the ditch. It was at least two feet deep with mud.

“It was kind of a slow motion train wreck,” says Carol Champion, who was riding alongside the horse’s owner.

Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service, along with the Abbotsford Police and the RCMP helped with the horse’s rescue. A veterinarian was also at the scene.

“At first she was sort of on her side and then she struggled for a little while and got herself upright…(the ditch) just didn’t get any shallower and she exhausted herself,” says Champion.

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A bystander came with a tractor and the crews were able to pull the animal out.

“It’s always a little tricky with animals because you want to be careful not to hurt them or make anything worse,” Assistant Fire Chief Ron Hull told Global News.

The muddy horse trotted away from the incident; her owner headed home to give her a bath.