Alberta Election 2015: Wildrose’s Wayne Anderson wins Highwood

Danielle Smith’s former seat in Highwood has been won by Wildrose candidate Wayne Anderson.

The riding of Highwood, in southern Alberta, had been PC since 1975. But in 2012, former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith won the seat. In December 2014, Smith crossed the floor to the PC party. She failed to win the PC nomination in 2015, losing to Okotoks councillor Carrie Fischer.

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In his speech Tuesday night, Anderson said he couldn’t thank the constituents of his riding enough for giving him the opportunity to be their MLA.


  • Green – Martin Blake
  • Progressive Conservative – Carrie Fischer
  • NDP – Leslie Mahoney
  • Alberta Party – Joel Windsor
  • Social Credit – Jeremy Fraser
  • Wildrose – Wayne Anderson

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