WATCH: Mother viciously beats woman over parking spat while husband eggs her on

WATCH ABOVE: Video, posted on social media, shows one woman hold another down and beat her while onlookers seemingly do nothing.

TORONTO – Video has surfaced on social media that shows a mother beating another woman in a mall parking lot while her husband, with a child in his arms, eggs her on.

The incident happened Sunday at the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream – a village on New York’s Long Island – police said in a release.

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The scuffle started after the two women began arguing over a parking spot. A man had allegedly stood in one spot to reserve it, forcing the 49-year-old victim to find another place to park her car.

“Back up, back up,” the husband can be heard saying. “My wife is gonna beat her [expletive]!”

“Bust her face wide open for running her [expletive] mouth,” he added while the victim was pinned down.

“Respect your elders, huh?” the mother said as she continued to throw punch after punch against the woman’s face.

Only one person could be heard asking for the violence to end.

The husband, however, continued his verbal assault.

“Now go home…Brooklyn style [expletive]!”

The victim was left with minor injuries to her face but refused medical treatment. Police are currently attempting to identify the suspect. No charges have been laid so far.

Anyone with information is being asked to call Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.

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