Alberta Election 2015: NDP’s Michael Connolly wins Calgary-Hawkwood

The NDP have taken the riding of Calgary-Hawkwood as part of a historic majority government victory for the party.

University student and NDP candidate Michael Connolly has been declared elected for the riding of Calgary-Hawkwood.

Calgary-Hawkwood was one of two additional ridings created in Calgary under the 2010 boundary distribution.

It was created from parts of Calgary-Bow,Calgary-Foothills, Calgary North West, and Calgary-Varsity.

The area had voted mainly Conservative with the exception of Varsity, which voted Liberal since 2004.


  • Alberta Party: Beth Barberee
  • Green Party of Alberta: Polly Knowlton Crockett
  • Liberal: Harbksh Singh Sekhon
  • NDP: Michael Connolly
  • Progressive Conservative: Jason Luan (incumbent)
  • Alberta Social Credit Party: Len Skowronski
  • Wildrose: Jae Shim

Click here for full provincial election results.

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