Alberta Election 2015: NDP’s David Eggen wins Edmonton-Calder

The NDP’s David Eggen has been re-elected in the riding of Edmonton-Calder.

Edmonton-Calder is a riding in the city’s northwest. It includes the communities of Athlone, Baturyh,Caernarvon, Calder, Carisle, Cumberland/Oxford, Dunluce, Kensington,Lauderdale, Lorelei/Beaumaris, and Wellington Park.

David Eggen won the northwest Edmonton seat for the NDP in the 2012 election, but he also represented the constituency between 2004 and 2008. The PCs have chosen a strong candidate in Thomas Bradley, a former commander at CFB Edmonton and former Chief of Staff in the government.


  • NDP: David Eggen (Incumbent) 
  • Progressive Conservative: Thomas Bradley
  • Wildrose: Andrew Altimas
  • Liberal: Amit Batra

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