WATCH: Dallas laundromat owner fends off attackers with broom

It started as just another day at work for Majid Haerinejad.

Haerinejad owns and operates Speed Wash & Dry in Dallas, Texas. To drum up business, the business owner implemented a deal where customers can dry their clothes for free if they paid to use certain washing machines.

But some people were starting to take advantage of this by bringing in bags of wet clothes and drying them at Haerinejad’s laundromat without paying.

On Feb. 28, Haerinejad noticed that a woman was allegedly using the free dryers without having washed any clothes at the laundromat by using a friend as a decoy.

When he confronted the woman to tell her to pay to use the dryers, the situation became physical.

Security footage shows the woman’s friends attacking the owner by throwing punches and objects at Haerinejad, before the owner grabs a nearby broom in defence.

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As Haerinejad attempted to call 911, the group converged on the man as a cover for the woman to grab her last batch of clothes from the dryers.

Shocked customers looked on as the incident unfolded, while a few men tried to get between the owner and the attackers. The group eventually fled before police arrived.

Haerinejad said he agonized over the incident for months before deciding to post the security footage on the shop’s Facebook page.

He hopes appealing to the public will help track down the culprits.

According to the Dallas Police Department’s blog, Speed Wash & Dry has since been subject to a separate burglary in mid April.

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