Glenora Skyline project to restart under new ownership

WATCH ABOVE: An eyesore in Edmonton’s skyline is about to disappear. The Glenora Skyline project stalled two years ago, but as Fletcher Kent explains, is set to begin again.

EDMONTON — A stalled luxury condo development west of downtown could once again get off the ground, thanks to new ownership.

Beaverbrook Developments will be taking over the partially completed construction site on 142 Street and Stony Plain Road.

The plot of land was supposed to be the site of three luxury condo towers. But construction stopped more than a year ago, and the site has sat vacated for more a year.

The Glenora Skyline Development Corporation says it ran into legal and financial troubles, which lead to construction being stopped.

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Ward 6 Councillor Scott McKeen says he’s “over the moon excited” that the project is under new management.

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“There’s a lot of back-story there,” McKeen said Tuesday. “To see that we have a reputable developer going in with plans to redevelop, that’s really exciting.”

Peter Wilson lives beside the currently empty lot. He’s getting tired of the conversation about the building.

“I’d like to see the city grow,” said Wilson.

“Let’s face it, it’s pretty much an eyesore for everybody.”

That’s where InHouse by Beaverbrook comes in. The in-fill developer has spent the last seven months in court working out details to acquire the land.

Salima Kheraj, with InHouse, says her company is in the process of picking a new architect to re-design the condo.

“I think you’ll see some changes happen from what originally was put forward,” said Kheraj. “We’d like to come forward with our own ideas.”

The next step for InHouse is to consult with Glenora residents.

The company is already working to clean up the site, which is expected to take up to two months.

Kheraj says, despite it being a less-than-traditional way to acquire land, the area was too good to pass up.

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“It’s an exceptional location.”

Councillor McKeen agrees.

“It’s a great corner, and with the LRT going by there some day soon, one hopes, I think it’ll be an even better corner.”