Saskatchewan’s largest airline changes how it operates

Watch above: After years operating as Transwest Air, the company flies out a new banner.  Aaron Streck tells us what sets the Transwest Group of Companies apart from others.

SASKATOON – Since Transwest Air lifted off in 2000, the multifaceted company has flown under one name.

“We currently have an aircraft painting line of operation, we have a fixed wing line of operation, we have a helicopter line of operation, we have a fueling line of operation and we also have a new special missions line of operation,” said Garrett Lawless, Transwest Group of Companies executive vice president.

After 15 years of operation, Transwest is changing it’s structure.

“The five companies that comprise the group all exist as separate lines of operation within Transwest Air right now but what this evolution represents and what this restructuring is going to enable is to allow us to take each of our current lines of operations and turn them into a best in class company,” said Lawless.

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Transwest Group of Companies has been in the works for the past eight months, this move enables the company to rise to the next level.

“As we’ve seen there’s been some changes in air services in Saskatoon and so those tend to have a negative effect that people tend to dwell on and often times they don’t talk about the positive approaches and expansions that take place and this is one that will off set those disadvantages that have been taking place within the market place,” said NSBA Executive Director Keith Moen.

The bread and butter of Transwest over the years has been the north, flying from Saskatoon to Fond-du-Lac and Stony Rapids and everywhere in between. While that isn’t going to change, spreading their wings out of province isn’t out of the question.

“As we have increasing populations in the areas we serve and as more projects sprout up funded by industry or the government there are more opportunities for development,” said Lawless.

Transwest Group of Companies has a fleet of 52 aircraft, including 7 helicopters.

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