Surrey hit with another drive-by shooting as police warn about drug turf war

WATCH: Less than a day after the RCMP issued a public warning about a turf war between two gangs in Surrey there has been yet another shooting. Grace Ke has that story.

Just hours after a warning from police about a drug turf war in Surrey, there has been another shooting early this morning.

There have now been 20 shootings in Surrey and Delta since March 9. Eleven of them are being linked to two groups involved in low-level drug trafficking. Members of the groups are of South Asian and Somali descent.

The latest shooting happened at 1 a.m. this morning on 66th Avenue near 128th Street.

Witnesses say one vehicle was chasing the other, and more than half a dozen shots were fired.

It appears no one was injured and both cars fled the area.

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Police could be seen gathering evidence and bullet casings from the area.

Police says despite a spike in violence, many of the victims or intended victims of the recent shootings are refusing to cooperate with police.

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