Toronto’s BMO Field renovations delayed, over budget

TORONTO – Ongoing renovations at BMO Field to expand the soccer-first facility to a capacity of 30,000 are now over budget and will not meet the original deadline for completion.

Early March saw the last row of pre-cast concrete laid on the expanded east stand that will add 8,400 seats and crews have been scrambling around the clock to progress even further.

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The installation of the facility’s iconic red seats is almost complete and progress continues to be made on luxury suites, new and old, that will also be receiving upgraded seating – not to mention the fancy themed field-side seats that some lucky fans will be able to enjoy.

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However, MLSE representatives admit that construction crews will not be able to reach the original targeted completion date of May 1 but are ensuring the public that things will be ready for Toronto FC’s home opener on May 10.

The MLS team was forced to play their first seven matches on the road rather than playing a home match at a different venue.


An artist's rendering of the view from the supporter's section of BMO Field after a $100 million expansion. Toronto FC
An artist's rendering of an expanded BMO Field during an evening match. Toronto FC
An artist's rendition of what BMO Field will look like after an expensive $100 million renovation. Toronto FC
Artist's rendering of an expanded east stand of BMO Field along Nova Scotia Avenue. Toronto FC
An artist's rendering of a potential corporate suite at an expanded BMO Field. Toronto FC
An artist's rendering of the Rogers Club after expansion of BMO Field is complete. Toronto FC
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An artist's rendering of the East Club - a new feature of the expanded BMO Field. Toronto FC

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