Pit bull attacks nine-year-old Penticton girl

PENTICTON — A Penticton father is fighting for restrictions against pit bulls after one bit his daughter in an unprovoked attack.

Seann Gentray says he was at a friend’s house with his daughter last Saturday. He says the pit bull belonged to that person’s friend.

Gentray says his nine-year-old daughter, Haley, was very still when the dog suddenly lunged at her, targeting her face.

“It was a very traumatic thing, sleepless nights for a few of us. Haley, is a trooper and we love animals she was petting dogs the next day,” he says.

“Once I saw his mouth open and I saw it was going to wards my face, I went like that,”Haley says, demonstrating how she used her arm to protect her face.

Haley says she was playing with a cat earlier and isn’t sure if that’s the reason why the pit bull became aggressive.

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She now has several bite marks and five stitches on her arm.

Her father wants pit bulls banned in the province, or at the least, to have them muzzled or on leash while in public.

The dog’s owner, Dan Kline, says he’s since apologized to the Gentrays and his pit bull has been put down.

“It’s my fault and I will take full responsibility. I told them I would pay them back for any expenses they’ve incurred,” says Kline.

Gentray doesn’t think that is enough. He is rallying to find other like-minded individuals who want to fight for the same cause.

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