Toronto students recreate Tears For Fears video shot in their library

ABOVE: Minna Rhee reports on the tribute video made by Emmanuel College students.

TORONTO — Three decades after UK band Tears For Fears shot the video for “Head Over Heels” at Toronto’s Emmanuel College, students and staff there have made their own version.

According to Karen Wishart, a librarian at Emmanuel College, the parody video was created by student Stephen Milton and involved roughly 48 students, staff and faculty.

“We shot all the library scenes over three hours,” Wishart told Global News. The video was made in late February and early March and uploaded to YouTube on March 14.

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British director Nigel Dick shot the song’s original video in May 1985 at Emmanuel College Library with Tears For Fears singers Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith and a cast of characters that included Canadian model Joan Densmore as a bespectacled librarian. (Wishart plays the librarian in the students’ version of the video.)

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Wishart said the video shatters stereotypes about theology students. “They are a fun bunch and can really ham it up!”

While the students’ spoof is not a scene-by-scene recreation of the original, it definitely pays homage.

Noticeably absent, though, is any sign of a chimpanzee like the one featured in the Tears For Fears video.

“None of us knows one, or has one,” Wishart explained.

“And we didn’t have a budget to get one.”

BELOW: Watch the Emmanuel College students’ version of “Head Over Heels” and the original 1985 video by Tears For Fears.


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