F—k allowed to use his name in Alberta basketball league

CALGARY- A college jersey with your name on the back is a source of pride for many student-athletes, but one Medicine Hat, Alta. player hasn’t always been allowed to use his. The reason? His last name is Fuck.

Pronounced “foo-key,” Guilherme Carbagiale Fuck has been making headlines lately after a father of a fellow player sent a photo to media.

“When I was in nationals, a father of one of the players, he sent a picture to the news, and I was like: ‘No way, they really did that?’” said Fuck.

The Medicine Hat College Rattlers men’s basketball team has been making headlines ever since.

“Where I have fun is with the comments,” said Fuck, who is originally from Brazil. “I’ve seen so many funny things about using my last name…I just have fun with it.”

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Medicine Hat College sport and wellness manager Terry Ballard admits the college was initially hesitant to use Fuck’s preferred last name, but says the media coverage has been great.

“It’s sad it has to come that way, but the attention that’s focused on a good kid, a good student-athlete in the program, we’ll certainly take that,” he said. “Getting to know Gui and getting  to know how mature he is, and what kind of a student he is, and obviously what kind of an athlete he is—you know, he’s very proud of his last name.”

Fuck says he sometimes wishes the attention was focused was on basketball, but says he’s still happy his name is out there.

“Back in Brazil, people don’t call me Gui, they call me Fuck. Everybody—especially in the basketball world—they know me as Fuck. If they say: ‘Oh, do you know Gui?’… ‘Who?’ … ‘Oh, Fuck.’ … ‘Okay.’”

With a report from CHAT TV’s Matt Nemeth

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