‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan discusses romance, violence on hit series

TORONTO – Sam Heughan, star of the hit show Outlanderstill hasn’t adjusted to his sex-symbol status.

“It’s still very new to me – but it’s fantastic,” Heughan, who plays Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser, told Global News Friday.

The show has gained a loyal fan following throughout the world, including Canada. A group called “Outlanders in Ontario” even organized a Facebook fan page dedicated to discussing the show.

Heughan said there is a group of fans who call themselves the “Outlandish bakers” who follow the crew around Scotland delivering treats.

“We have a group of fans that seem to find us wherever we are in Scotland – in the middle of the mountains, by a Loch – they turn up and bring us baked goods,” said Heughan. (Hint: Heughan said peanut butter cookies are his treat of choice.)

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Outlander – based on the books by Diana Gabaldon – follows WWII nurse Claire Randall, played by Caitriona Balfe, who is transported back in time to 1743 where she’s forced to marry Heughan’s character.

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The show not only showcases Scotland’s breathtaking landscape, but portrays what Heughan describes as an accurate depiction of the country’s complicated and violent history.

“Scotland really is another character in the show and when you watch the show, I think you will fall in love with the majesty of Scotland,” he said.

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Outlander takes place during a dark time in Scotland’s history – the Jacobite Risings of the 18th century, a civil war that saw Scottish clans rebelling against the British government. The show has gained a reputation for its violent fight scenes.

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“Any of the more intimate scenes, or more violent scenes we don’t want it to be gratuitous at all. We want it to further the story and further the relationships,” said Heughan.

“But it’s all there in the books as well. We try to be authentic and stick to them as well.”

Another challenge for the show is the thick Highland accent – turns out, some may have found Heughan’s accent too thick at times.

“I do play it up a little bit in the show – I do a Highland accent. Some of the execs were having trouble understanding what I was saying,” he laughed.

Outlander continues with new episodes airing on Showcase starting April 5. You can also binge-watch Outlander from the very beginning on shomi.

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