Bike lane project given the go-ahead for downtown Saskatoon

City council gives approval for a $225,000 protected bike lane project in downtown Saskatoon. File / Global News

SASKATOON – After pedalling uphill for years, cycling enthusiasts in Saskatoon have made some headway. City council gave the go-ahead to install a protected bike lane on 23rd Street this summer.

The bike lane is also expected to be used in the winter with room in the budget for snow clearing.

The only member of council to vote against the bike lane? Mayor Don Atchison says the $225,000 for the project could be better spent elsewhere.

An additional protected lane will be created on 4th Avenue in 2016.

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The reason for that delay is to help accommodate traffic which will be affected this summer by the four-month closure of University Bridge for rehabilitation.

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Wendy Winiewski contributed to this story

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