Website offers ‘world’s most extravagant Easter Bunny’ for $49,000

ABOVE: Get an up-close look at the luxurious bunny – and hear from the people behind the $49,000 work

Looking for a perfect Easter gift for that chocoholic in your life?

Well if you have a spare $49,000 US, then website may have the answer.

They are selling a 38cm high Easter bunny, which has been hand-carved from a block of 75 percent Tanzania-origin chocolate by award-winning chocolatier and International pastry consultant Martin Chiffers – a former chef decor of Harrods.

The bunny‘s eyes have added sparkle from two 1.70 carat round brilliant diamonds, which have been nestled into the chocolate, with a combined value of over GBP £25,000.

“We’re now coming towards Easter and we wanted to come up with the dream Easter gift and we couldn’t think of anything more unprecedented and remarkable than a beautifully carved chocolate Eater bunny enhanced by the most phenomenal 1.70 carat diamonds,” says Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo.

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“I think most rabbits are probably accustomed to standard carrots but you can’t imagine more impressive carats than these for what is the most extravagant Easter bunny in the world.”

The chocolate bunny took two days to carve and weighs around five kilograms. That means that it contains about 584,000 calories.

And though it wasn’t intended as an edible treat, the buyer may find it hard to resist.

“Every time I’ve been close to it, it’s just smelt delicious,” says Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds, who provided the stones.

“You just want to lean in and nibble the ear a little bit.”

For those who can resist the temptation to eat it, the bunny can be displayed for two years if its temperature is regulated to around 16 degrees.

If it’s purchased, a donation of GBP £1,000 will be made to The Prince’s Trust charity.

77 Diamonds have offered to create a bespoke piece of jewelry for the buyer featuring the gems free of charge.

Smaller stones are available upon request, which would reduce the total cost.

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