WATCH: Ohio dog rescued after 5 days stranded on ice

One frightened and cold dog has been reunited with its owners after spending nearly a week stranded on a frozen lake.

Kimberly, a young black lab, ran from her home in Lorain, Ohio and ended up almost 30 kilometres away on frozen Lake Erie.

Efforts by firefighters and the Coast Guard on Thursday returned empty when Kimberly ran away from them. They eventually called off the rescue due to dangerous ice conditions.

Concerned residents around Lake Erie had been keeping an eye on the dog. According to one report, a woman tried to lure in the dog by grilling hot dogs by the shore.

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On Friday, a news crew from WKYC hired an airboat to take them out onto the lake to see if they could somehow bring the dog to safety.

Footage shot by the crew shows the dog slowly approaching the boat, and when it got close enough, the cameraman was able to reach down and pull her up by her collar.

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“This was one of the greatest moments in terms of being happy about a story turning out the right way,” said WKYC reporter Mike O’Mara.

O’Mara described the reunion between Kimberly and her owners as “very, very sweet.”

“I’m very excited! It’s been a long time waiting to get her back,” said owner Amy Pritchard.

The news crew said the dog seemed to be fine despite its ordeal and not suffering from any major injuries.