24-year-old Jessica Newman missing since Tuesday

WATCH ABOVE: The family of a young Calgary woman, missing for five days now, said they believe foul play may be involved in her disappearance. 24-year-old Jessica Newman was last seen Tuesday night in Forest Lawn and police are now investigating. As Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports, Jessica’s mother says nothing makes sense about her daughter vanishing.

CALGARY – Calgary Police are looking for missing woman Jessica Rae Newman, who was last seen in the Forest Lawn area Tuesday night around 9:30 p.m.

The 24-year old is a waitress at the Watergrill on 17th avenue in Forest Lawn.

Newman is described as Caucasian, 5’3” tall, 100 lbs. with mid-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a tattoo the length of her spine and was last seen wearing a black and white mid -length sleeveless dress and black leather jacket with studs on the shoulder pads.

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Jessica’s mother Rhonda Stewart said she last spoke to her daughter a week and a half ago from her home in B.C.

“She was in good spirits. I always know when something is wrong because she always phones me lots when something is wrong. She’ll phone me three times a day when something is wrong and everyday,” Rhonda Stewart said.

Her family and friends are worried because Jessica didn’t show up to pick up her two year old son as she normally does.

“She came home every night, she showed up at work all the time and she never missed any visitations with her son. So wherever she is, I don’t think she didn’t ran away, there’s something stopping her from being where she needs to be,” Stewart said.

The police have had limited information to share with the family, saying they are just in the beginning stages of the investigation.

“She is very trusting. Which makes me nervous because she will trust anybody and she always thinks the best of everybody even though they may not be trustworthy,” Stewart said. “She hasn’t been home and she hadn’t showed up at work which again is not like her. she didn’t called to say she wasn’t coming in nothing she just didn’t show up. and she also didn’t show up to pick her son up on Wednesday for her visitations with him.”

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Newman’s roommate Mike Hahn has known her for about a year and dropped her off at work on Tuesday. He’s been in touch with police and Jessica’s family.

“She was in good spirits, she was going to do the night shift and she usually works days so she switched to the night shift so she could have Wednesday off to go to court for the custody hearing,” Hahn said.

“Very uncharacteristic. She loves her son dearly. The court date was the next morning, she was definitely going to go to that because she wanted to make sure to have the custody hearing to get 50-50, that’s what they were talking about. Never has she missed a date to have her visitations with her son either. So at that point, when she didn’t show up that’s when I got really concerned,” Hahn said.

“We are very very concerned and very worried.”

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