Million-dollar flood-damaged homes still standing as anniversary nears

CALGARY – An inner city community says the government is dragging its feet on promised demolition plans after spending $16 million to buy six flood-damaged homes, all along the Elbow River on Roxboro Road SW.

The Rideau-Roxboro Community Association says residents are concerned the abandoned, boarded-up properties are tarnishing the neighbourhood’s image and won’t ever be removed.

“What I am seeing is what is termed ‘flood complacency,’” said James Maxim from the Rideau-Roxboro Community Association. “’Let’s study it and we will give you announcements’ and next thing you know, we are going to have the two-year anniversary, and who knows what is going to happen in 2015?”

One home — considered the most damaged by the 2013 flood — at 220 Roxboro Road SW was bought by the provincial government for $6.8 million.

220 Roxboro Road SW, seen on March 12, 2015, was bought by the provincial government for $6.8 million. Gary Bobrovitz / Global News


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The homes are all being monitored by a security company, and the government says it’s moving as fast as possible.

“At the moment we are looking at the demolition late this spring,” said Robert Storrier, spokesperson for Alberta Infrastructure. When asked if the demolition contract has been put out to tender, Storrier said “those details are still to be finalized.”

Alberta Infrastrucutre admits it still needs to apply for demolition permits, which means the process could still take months to complete, well past the June 2013 flood anniversary.


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