Match reveals most popular words in Canadians’ online dating profiles

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Looking for love online? Experts say to be honest about what you're interested in. LEO RAMIREZ/AFP/Getty Images

TORONTO — Cottaging, quadding, and Tim Horton’s: depending on where you’re from in Canada, these are a few of the words that pop up on Match dating profiles the most.

“I think that each of these words kind of speaks to something that’s relatable about each province,” said the company’s relationship expert, Kimberly Moffit.

“One of the first things that’s important when we’re trying to score a first date, is that we identify something in common that we have with the other person,” said Moffit.

“A lot of research studies show that when we think someone is the same as us, we’re a lot more likely to view them as a romantic partner.”

So what words do Canadians think will attract a partner? Here’s what the online dating company found after examining users’ profiles.

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Alberta and Saskatchewan: Quadding

Match says: “Residents of these prairie provinces aren’t shy about their rural pastimes. Four-wheeling is what they love, so why not take advantage of the great outdoors and suggest going quadding for a date!”

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British Columbia: Grouse

Match says: “Canadians know BCers may be the country’s outdoorsiest residents. It looks like tackling Grouse Mountain’s Grouse Grind is the selling point most Match members used to land a mate.”

Manitoba: Jets

Match says: “Manitobans may be best known for toughing out their cold winters but it turns out it’s the Winnipeg Jets that they’re the most passionate about!”

New Brunswick: Français

Match says: “As New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province, residents are quick to flaunt their French chops. Hoping to find a partner who speaks both your language and the language of love? Look across provincial borders to New Brunswick.”

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia: Horton’s

Match says:“Hockey may be our national sport but Tim Horton’s is definitely our national coffee. It’s no wonder these easterners are proud of their love for the best roast on the east coast.”

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Northwest Territories: Career

Match says: “It looks like business is booming in the territories. Match members from this province mention their careers more than any other topic. It’s fair to say that they’re an ambitious bunch.”

Nunavut: Adopted

Match says: “Are residents of Nunavut Canada’s most welcoming? Whether they’re adopting a pet or expanding their families, these northern residents are a warm, welcoming bunch.”

Ontario: Cottaging

Match says: “Being home to so many lakefront locales, it’s no wonder Ontarians discuss their love of cottaging most often.”

Prince Edward Island: Harness

Match says: “Harness racing is a popular PEI pastime, little known to the rest of us Canucks. Canada’s smallest province is home to some of its biggest horse lovers.”

Quebec: Réglé

Match says: “Réglé, meaning set or stable, reflects how Quebecers are ready to settle down. Daters looking for some stability and order in their lives may be most successful in Quebec.”

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Yukon: Folks

Match says: “With their casual attitude and manner of speaking, Yukon’s residents may be some of the country’s most laid back. These ‘folks’ sure know how to relax and have a good time!”

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According to a national survey performed by Match late last year, 57 per cent of Canadians have turned to online dating. When it comes to what they’re looking for:

  • 55% say they wouldn’t date someone who smokes.
  • 33% say they consider the guitar to be the most attractive musical instrument played by a partner.
  • 83% of respondents say they find a sense of humor to be the skill or talent they find the most attractive.
  • Most (62%) respondents say they wouldn’t marry someone without living with them first.
  • Most (51%) respondents say a second date is when the first kiss is acceptable.
  • A profile photo — this increases the amount of views you’ll get by roughly nine times.

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