WATCH: Inmates care for abandoned dogs in ‘Paroled Pups’ program

Six puppies once left for dead in the cold are finding their ways to new homes.

In January, the puppies were found abandoned in a dumpster in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After two months of loving care from the inmates at South Dakota State Penitentiary, all six are healthy and happy.

The puppies were a part of Paroled Pups, a program operated by the Sioux Falls Humane Society and the South Dakota Department of Corrections. Minimum security inmates provide training and care to shelter dogs, which improves the adoptability of the dogs. The program also helps the inmates learn the skills to care for the animals.

The inmates said they are amazed to see how much the puppies have grown over eight weeks and will be sad to see them go.

“It’s really sinking in, and it’s going to be difficult,” inmate Lance Przybylski told KDLT.

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The dogs were moved back to the shelter on Thursday after completing the program and were quickly adopted.

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