Gardening: Orchid care tips

WATCH: Timing is key for re-potting orchids. Gardening experts Peter Fitzmaurice and Scott Pearce explain the best way to care for the flowers to keep them blooming for years to come.

With so many gorgeous varieties available, choosing which orchid to grow can be difficult. In the home most prefer similar conditions – bright indirect light, air that is not too dry, and temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius – so it comes down to choosing the one you love.

Popular orchids include:

• Cymbidium,
• Zygopetalum
• Dendrobium
• Brassia
• Complex Paphiopedilum
• Phalaenopsis
• Cattleya

Products used for repotting include:

• Willgro Orchid Growing Media
• Orchid Pots (Ceramic pots with holes)
• Orchid Grow Orchid Fertilizer

For care and re-potting tips, here is a Gardenworks orchid care sheet.

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